I have to give it up for writers who write romance books. A love story is fantastic and, if I’m honest, one of my biggest guilty pleasures. But doesn’t a love story get better if it evokes feelings with a fusion of violent passions, danger, and strong-willed characters who do exceptional things for love? This is what you get with Western romance books.

Whether you are looking for a story set in contemporary times or the American frontier, be sure to get the happily ever after or romantic tension dose you desire with these modern Western romance books.

What Are The Best Modern Western Romance Books?

Mad Dash (West Creek Ranch Book 1), by Sage Evans (2023)

 Mad Dash is Sage’s first entry to the West Creek Ranch Series, which I feel is very promising. This book will draw you into a world where love is the conqueror of past mistakes and the origin of happiness. It is a story about sacrifice and will highly resonate with you if you have had to give up something for somebody else or if you enjoy an emotional narrative.

I loved the Wyoming setting whose beauty Sage has vividly and excellently captured.

Meet Carter, who goes to jail for a crime his brother commits and loses all he has. His plan is to die with this secret, but for his grandparents to restore his inheritance, he must prove that he has reformed. However, the secrets he keeps are dragging things, and he is about to screw up again.

The writing in this book is realistic and will draw you in. I loved how Sage bonded Carter and Christa from very different families.

Mad Dash will make you reexamine your priorities and encourage you to follow your heart’s desires without requiring approval from other people.

A Rogue Cowboy Finds Love (The Hart Ranch Billionaires Book 3), by Stephanie Rowe (2023)

This is another spin-off/standalone to one of my favorite Western romance series- The Hart Ranch Billionaires.

Phoebe is a single mum, and her wish is for her daughter Annie not ever to know her fears surrounding her life with her ex-husband. But he has just gotten out of jail and is a threat. The two must hide.

Meanwhile, Jacob is a loner and would rather stay alone with his rescued horses. He takes in Phoebe and Annie for their protection. What he forgets to do is guard his heart, and being alone doesn’t satisfy him anymore.

I love romance stories that begin with broken souls and heartbreak but where the characters eventually find one another, and this read did not disappoint. It was heartwarming and satisfying. The characters are complex but well-defined to give you that Western romance and family touch you yearn for. This book has it all: suspense, sweetness, and steam.

Flawless (Chestnut Springs Book 1), by Elsie Silver (2023)

Flawless is a delight if you love reading about troubled alpha heroes. It is sexy and swoony enough to consume you.

Find out what transpires after Rhett, the rugged bull rider, gets caught up with Summer, a fierce heroine.

Summer is forced to look after Rhett after a scandal. He is a professional bull rider, and she has to watch him everywhere. But Rhett hates all this babysitting and views Summer as a shadow. He must keep his hands off her. Well, that’s until opposites begin attracting.

Rhett and Summer are beautifully flawed and understandably broken, but I loved their realness. I marveled at how Rhett started warming up to Summer and how she also began experiencing his vulnerability. Their chemistry is intense, their gentle banter is something to die for, and how they develop their relationship is as tender as it is absorbing.

On the Fence, by J.S. Wood (2023)

On the Fence was a pleasant surprise, considering it was my first read by J.S. Wood. It is another second-chance romance in a small town featuring Dani and Cade. The two cross paths again when Dani’s horse needs Cade’s help, giving him a chance to win Dani back. He once broke her heart but gets an opportunity for redemption. There’s no way he will let it slide.

I loved how Cade was steadfast in his course by handling everything well despite the ups and downs. There were moments he needed to work out his issues, and I was happy he did.

Even though this book was long, I found it easy to read, and the plot was uncomplicated. It has the perfect amount of longing and angst with an excellent pace that doesn’t feel too fast.

If you love a happy-ever-after story, you will enjoy this book. It will remind you that sometimes we must reconcile to win lost love.

Tattered and Torn (McIntyre Search and Rescue Book 3), by April Wilson (2023)

Tattered and Torn is the last installment of the McIntyre Search and Rescue series, and what can I say? Once again, April has delivered. All the books in this series are lovely when read together, but they are just as terrific as standalone. Luckily, this particular story was less suspenseful.

Gabrielle, an excellent sous chef, is about to launch a new restaurant while John, a retired military vet, manages stables. He once had an accident and is now a wounded soul, but Gabrielle sees him beyond his fears and scars. Can she help him get over these, and can he be her lover and protector?

This book is well-written, and the characters will give you the correct dose of mystery, feelings, action, and adventure. You will love how they act instead of dwelling on their insecurities.

Autumn’s Cowboy (Sweet Cowboy Seasons Book 2), by Kathleen Ball (2023)

This is a fantastic romance story between an unmarried woman and a veteran cow rancher. They both have pasts that have significantly hurt them. Can they help each other find joy?

Autumn’s Cowboy is a story about healing and restoration. Jonas and Autumn cannot see a future together, but somehow, they get entangled for the best.

I loved how they worked hard to find their happily ever after despite many past pains and challenges, including betrayal and deceit from their close friends.This is not your ordinary Western romance book. Contrary to many, it is a clean story about the healing of a wounded man. It is for you if you fancy small-town life and a strong-willed woman in a story.

Before the Sunset, by Laura Pavlov (2023)

This is the fourth book in the Cottonwood Cove series, but like the other books, you can read it as a standalone. It will appeal to you if you love best friends-to-lovers themes. Mix city boy swagger with country boy style and some fake dating.

Reese and Finn were best friends, but I love that they are even better lovers. They are meant for each other.

The highlight of my reading in this book was Finn and his family. Finn may not have been in a romantic relationship before, but he definitely knows how to play his cards. I adored how Reese was wounded but, at the same time, very thoughtful and impetuous.

This is a perfect read. It is beautifully written, the characters are hilarious, and oh, the spicy scenes! You will keep rooting for Finn and Reese and enjoy the progress of their solid foundation and how it breeds something more.

Mail Order Cowboy (Wishing River Book 4), by Victoria James (2022)

What I loved most about this book is the depiction of what I have always thought- that there is a difference between sex and romance. It is not principally about sex, but it excellently develops the characters’ intimacy.

Meet Hope and Dean, who have avoided the attraction they have for one another for a long time. After all, Hope has a no-cowboy-allowed rule. But when Dean begins helping her with ranch chores, things start to change. Their relationship starts with tragedy but eventually develops into true love.

Victoria has excellently infused the characters despite their relatable struggles, making this story highly engaging.

If you love a frenemy love story, this book is a must-read. It has a great storyline about secrets, family, trust, friendship, and belief in love.

Here with Me (Sugarland Creek Book 1), by Brooke Montgomery (2023)

Here with Me is a small-town romance book you will love if you fancy a forbidden age gap story. Meet the audacious horse trainer Noah, who gets into a relationship with her ex-boyfriend’s dad, Fisher. They are not meant to be together for so many reasons. The struggle is real, from their 20+ age gap difference to the off-limits workplace romance.

This book depicts how opposites attract and the adrenaline of secret relationships. The intrigue is just right. Noah’s personality is fantastic. She is fiery, and her spirit is exciting. You will love her strength and independence despite people criticizing her for her young age.

Fisher has a lot to deal with, so he is not the best of dads, but his wanting to rebuild his relationship with his son is admirable. This read will give you everything you want- emotional attachment, suspense, love, chemistry, and spice.

Quicksand, by Janet Dailey (2023)

Steadily-paced reads showcasing realities experienced in second marriages are one of my all-time favorite tropes, and this one played out very well. The characters are well-developed to explain how love always prevails.

Quicksand will give you an overview of what a behind-the-scenes bull riding circuit is like and a glimpse of the dangers a bull rider can face. This story will have you on the edge and keep you on your toes as you try to figure out the Alamo Canyon Ranch sabotage, but the twists will also make you long for the warm romance that is building up between Tess and Brock.

Tess might be better at picking bulls than picking the right man. Brock is arrogant, and his past haunts him. There are legacies to keep and hearts to win. What a thrill!

You will love this book if you enjoy celebrating triumphs by working women and love a story about arrogant men who, deep down, are charming.

Final Thoughts

Reading a modern Western romance book is like taking a trip without leaving your favorite chair.

I remember picking up a Western romance novel during a road trip through Texas. The cover was simple, a cowboy hat resting on a fence post. Curious, I started reading. It was about two people, their lives intertwined with the rugged landscape, trying to find love amidst the challenges of ranch life. That book kept me company during that trip, and by the end, I felt like I had made two new friends.

Western romances are more than just stories. They offer a glimpse into a world where love, grit, and the open plains coexist. Want a touch of small-town charm? Or maybe a story of rivals finding common ground? Or a look into the lives of people working a modern ranch? Western romances have it all. Give them a try, and you might just find a story that stays with you, like mine did.

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