1. Life is limited, do not waste time by doing you do not want to
  2. You are what you eat, good food does not necessary means tasteless
  3. Pay attention on your body, do exercises, attractive people are happier in their life (according to a research Can we make ourselves happier?)
  4. Money is something like energy, if it flows it is healthy, if it struggles it may cause problem
  5. People do not like to be honest, they forget to say “I love you” as often as they do
  6. We are constantly seeking for attention, our behavior is mainly affected by this rule, which means we do not listen to the others
  7. You are not the plaything of the destiny, your intentions shape your future (You dreams are always ready to come true)
  8. Have faith in something you believe in, read books, pray, your spiritual self will give enormous energy in everyday life
  9. Real friendships are as important as having a family (because they are also your family)
  10. Happiness does not depend on money or success, it depends only on your own mind, if you want to find it you will