In a world brimming with social influence and digital distractions, I can’t ignore the importance of vision board books, both for myself and my little ones. I powerfully advocate for the law of attraction, and the manifestations vision boards are rooted in.

Such books offer excellent lessons for nurturing my goal-setting abilities and imagination. The same importance cannot be overstated for my children. I have been teaching them that we attract what we focus on with the help of vision board books.

These books have been valuable in providing my kids with tangible representations of their aspirations and dreams. They have served as compasses for my little ones to set the foundation for navigating their future endeavours.

How did I select the Top Vision Board Books?

I used a multifaceted approach focusing on three key criteria.

First, I considered Amazon ratings to ensure that the books I selected were highly regarded by users, indicating both their popularity and effectiveness.

I did evaluated the freshness of each book, prioritizing those published more recently to ensure they contained the latest visual experience for kids.

Creativity played a crucial role in my selection process. I looked for books that offered unique perspectives and innovative techniques, rather than just rehashing common knowledge, to truly stand out as top resources for both beginners and experienced practitioners in creating effective vision boards.

Are you a parent or guardian who wishes to instill the value of vision board books in your young dreamers? If so, here is a list of six children's vision board books I have loved familiarizing my kids with.

What Are The Top Vision Board Books For Children?

Inspirational Soccer Vision Board clip art book for boys and girls, by Lucas Martin (2024)

This vision board book is what any young soccer fan needs. It will help your child set and boost their soccer dreams and goals in a fun way through visual manifestation and motivation. Dreaming without planning is just wishful thinking, and I couldn’t agree more. As a soccer fan or dreamer, your child will need to accompany their dream with the visualization techniques in this book.

I love that this book is a fusion of soccer entertainment and visual storytelling. Within its pages, you find clip art image collections and templates for your child to come up with their own soccer-themed vision boards.

It is empowering whether your young one wishes to play for their dream team, meet their favorite player, or score a winning goal. It will boost their confidence, motivate them, and significantly help them to build a positive mindset.

Young soccer enthusiasts strongly need encouragement for a growth mindset and positive thinking, and you cannot go wrong with this gem.

Lucas has spiced things up with bonuses for both parents and children. As a parent, you get advice on bringing up a confident child while children learn about Lionel Messi’s journey to greatness in soccer. You will marvel at these aspects with your child and might just see both your wishes come to life.

Dream It Do It, by Free Period Press (2022)

If you are looking to help your little one explore who they want to be or who they are, this book is perfect. It is a powerful tool that will help them explore and display how they want to show up in the world in many ways.

Dream It, Do It makes it all easier by presenting you with more than 300 inspiring pictures and words that cover various topics. You will find themes around hobbies, careers, pets, self-care and wellness, food, words of affirmation and everything in between.

I love how this book teaches young ones that they can take a break in life and unplug, all while inspiring them to dream big. They will create different and awesome collages that will ultimately help them with self-reflection.

As a parent or teacher, you will appreciate how this vision board book is curated with age-appropriate content and how it encourages young ones to celebrate individuality. You can use this book with one or two children, but it can also be precious for kids’ group activities.

It will make an excellent and meaningful discovery gift for any child, and you can also gift it to an upcoming teenager. Honestly, I love the diversity.

2024 Vision Board Clip Art Book For Kids, by A M JACOB (2023)

You need to get your hands on this vision book for kids if you are looking for a fantastic resource that can ignite your child’s goal-setting and creativity journey. It is innovative, and Jacob has put it together thoughtfully to ensure that children are empowered to visualize, dream, and reach their aspirations.

Young dreamers will find a treasure of captivating and colorful clip art inside the book. These will be perfect for them to create meaningful vision boards. They can create vision boards of their liking curated to reflect hobbies, dreams, future aspirations, affirmations, holiday celebrations, health, and ambitions.

Variety is not something to worry about, as this book contains more than 380 images. Undoubtedly, young ones will stay busy and have fun while getting empowered by the importance and power of goal setting.

Your guidance will be needed as an adult in this vision board book's pivotal and exciting process. It would be best to encourage your child and explain to them the importance of attracting what matters in life. Assist them in illustrating their aspirations using color and the clip art piece creations and cheer them up for growth and achievement.

Vision Board Clip Art Book for Black Kids, by Gabby Lear (2024)

I have heard several concerns about the lack of adequate vision board books for children of color, particularly regarding visual presentations. This is why I had to throw this one in here. It is a valuable addition, especially if your child is part of an interracial/multiracial setting or community- family or school.

We cannot ignore the fact that questions come up at some point. Still, we must teach our children that physical appearances, especially on color, are inevitable.

The elements in this book are excellent tools for your young ones to harness the life-changing power of the law of attraction and goal visualization. It features more than 200 images, quotes, and affirmations, and I like that they are all diverse and inspiring.

It covers various themes such as video games, special days, pets, toys, family, school, hobbies, friends, health, fun activities, and a new family member.

You will appreciate how the imagery in this book reflects different experiences and backgrounds to foster your child’s self-confidence. The phrases, checks, and words used are diversified to give your child endless possibilities for creating a tailor-made board reflecting unique aspirations and dreams.

The interior of this book features a premium color, the text comes in large print, and the cover is glossy, just like children prefer. You will be glad to know that after creating, you can help your child cut out the pictures and use them as art and everyday reminders for fostering growth and positive mindsets.

Christian Vision Board Clip Art Book for Kids, by Elisa Williams (2024)

As a Christian, empowering my children’s spiritual growth and faith is one of the values I hold in high regard. I was very impressed when I discovered this book, mainly because it excellently merged this value with my love for creating vision boards. This one is for you if you are a Christian parent, guardian or teacher.

I love how this book advocates for the Christian faith and children’s future. It has been more than a guidance pathway and has bred meaningful conversations about dreams, faith, and spirituality.

This book will fill your child’s vision board creating a journey with creativity, color, and a profound understanding. You will love the Christian clip art selection, which will ease your child’s visualization and internalization of biblical values.

The book also has scriptural affirmations and fruits of the Spirit, and Elisa beautifully tells Christian stories with artistic expression. It will be the beginning of a journey of faith alongside imagination and is a relevant addition to any kid’s library. It is perfect as a Christmas, birthday, or ‘just because’ gift.

Vision Board Clip Art Book For kids Ages 6-12, by Chirine Bh (2023)

This beautifully illustrated book is for creating a vision board for kids between ages six and twelve to embark on an inciting self-discovery journey. It will be a perfect fit for your young ones to unleash their imagination and drive their dreams into realization.

The book contains over 100 colourful clip art images, and they all come together to offer an interactive guide for children to foster a sense of self-belief and purpose. It covers different topics, such as careers; some mentioned are scientists and astronauts.

I love that this vision board book goes beyond careers to cover themes like family, graduation, friendship, kindness, and adventure. These will be valuable, especially in teaching your child the importance of togetherness, care, and inclusion.

The book guides children step-by-step on achieving goals and teaches how to celebrate achievements. If you have a sporty child or one big on crafting and hobbies, they have sections to enjoy.

Alongside encouraging creativity, this book will promote essential life skills like decision-making to your children. Whether you are looking for a classroom activity book, a homeschooling or family bonding tool, this vision book for children is an excellent resource.

Final Thoughts

Vision board books for kids are almost a must today. They are powerful tools in the current fast-paced world and can provide creativity, reflection, goal setting, and more for our kids.

The six books on our list will mould your child and give them tangible experiences alongside fun and significant interaction. They are the perfect match for any young dreamer.

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