A Frenchman's Perspective on Love, Respect and Relationships

Vive La Difference has given voice to American women who have traded their professional and financial opportunities for unsatisfying relationships. Guy highlights and encourages women to reclaim the honor that they have relinquished. What is love without respect? Is it even love? His honest observation makes an American woman want to move to France.

Did you realize that there was a big difference between French and American women?

Why are French women so outspoken about respect and chivalry while many American women are still set on chasing the “happy ever after?”

Differences are to be expected between women from different nations, on different continents and with histories that are a million miles apart.

The French, for example, have a story that goes back hundreds if not thousands of years, while America is still in its historical infancy. That said, it is often surprising just how different women can be in each of these nations, how they view life, love and pursue success.

In this book, author Guy Blaise examines the traits of women from two very different cultures, with chapters that scrutinize:

  • The American man-code and what they say about their wives
  • The opposing roles of sexism and chivalry
  • 12 Tips from French women to their American cousins
  • Mental and emotional G-Spots
  • Sexual frustration in wives
  • Gender equality in France
  • The reality of a good relationship for a French man

And much much more!

The US and French approach to relationships, marriage and success could not have starker differences.

Where French women demand a certain level of respect and equality, American women tend to chase that fairy-tale ending that seldom exists.

Where French women are unapologetic about what they prefer, American women tend to go with what they are given.

It’s time to change that and through a series of essays and letters, “Vive La Difference” aims to show how you can face up the challenges and claim your rights as a woman!

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