Learning What Your Life is Trying to Teach You

Your Life Is Your Perfect Teacher

Using four, powerful but simple strategies, learn what the old and the new stories in your life are trying to teach you. With this knowledge, some ancient wisdom and a few simple but profound daily practices you can transform yourself into a happier, peaceful and more compassionate, human being.

Our personal stories contain the exact lessons we need to grow personally and spiritually, but we need to know how to interpret these stories and use them for dynamic personal and spiritual growth. This book is a wonderful guide to understanding the challenging places in our life and letting them teach us what it is that we truly need to become whole. Using the book’s four strategies, we learn to create more harmony and joy in our life, and the lives of those around us. We free ourselves from self imposed blocks to love for our self and others. We liberate ourselves from the tyranny of blame and judgment so that we can we experience the deep beauty of true compassion.

This is a book about applied spirituality. It is not about theories. It outlines a practical spiritual path each of us can take whether we are religious or not, for our own benefit and the benefit of every person we encounter. Rather than seeking attention or approval, Waking Up encourages us to engage in “love as a subversive activity. ” As the testimonials say, “this book can change your life.”

You will discover:

  • How to develop a powerful awareness that can open up a new world of understanding and opportunity for personal and spiritual growth.
  • Why taking personal responsibility is an essential ingredient for creating lasting and deep psycho-spiritual changes and how to make this act an operating principal in your life.
  • How to use fear as an ally in order to make important realizations about yourself.
  • How to identify and dissolve what is blocking your emotional, psychological and spiritual progress.How to develop the dynamic and responsive inner world that is essential for creating the changes you desire in your outer world.
  • How to discern if a teacher or teaching is right for you.
    The relationship between personal responsibility and personal power.
  • How to speak the truth without fear.
  • How to follow the heart and develop the trust that makes this possible.
  • Practical spiritual actions you can take everyday without supervision or approbation. Creating your own unique spiritual work in the world.

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