A personal message from the author:

There’s no better way to positively affect the lives of children than through a relatable, fun and off-the-wall story, It calls on fun to reinforce a number of core values, as well as the authority of parents. I was inspired to write it after huge success with my own children using tactics deployed by ancient tribes who used the power of imagination as discipline. Crazy, but true!

I’ve gone beyond the core story to produce a number of other resources such as colouring and activity worksheets, as well as a catchy song to learn and a dance video that brings the story to life. Music creates confidence, nurtures discipline, strengthens memory skills and accelerates brain development, and is part of the ‘When Do Monsters Come?’ umbrella. I have also included an additional learning resource pack targeted at children ages two to six plus that compliments the Early Years curriculum. I plan to keep expanding the franchise and am also playing around with ideas for subsequent books. It’s all been so much fun!

— Roochi Sahi

Written from the masterful imagination of Roochi Sahi, ‘When Do Monsters Come?’ takes young readers into the lives of siblings Bella and Ethan, whose resistance to everyday occurrences summons a series of quirky monsters. But Mum has a secret to make them go away, shared with readers through rhyming, thought-provoking stories. This is a relatable book unlike anything else on the market, and one that will keep kids good, willingly!

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