In a realm where power is paramount, the battle between good and evil escalates dramatically. Queen Valerias, in a bid to save her kingdom, makes the heart-wrenching decision to sacrifice her firstborn to appeal for divine intervention, only to face tragic failure. The narrative shifts to Cristonn, a paladin, entrusted with the safety of the queen's surviving son amidst a chaotic backdrop of demonic vengeance.

The catalyst for the unfolding disaster is revealed to be the demon prince Karza's quest for retribution against the seven wizards who killed his father, the formidable sorcerer Saboron. This vengeance not only seeks to resurrect Saboron but also to unleash his mother, the demon queen Magdara, whose liberation could spell eternal darkness for all creation. Despite the grave danger, the deities themselves dread Magdara's return, propelling the narrative towards a desperate effort to thwart this looming threat.

As time narrows, the responsibility falls on Jartan, a young novice paladin hastily elevated in rank due to dire circumstances rather than merit, ill-prepared for the monumental task ahead. His perilous journey to confront Saboron and Karza is fraught with life-threatening challenges, from navigating a deadly swamp to encountering the fearsome Zorm in the undead forest.

Jartan's quest leads him through the harrowing Underworld, where he faces the ‘Caverns of Death' and the ultimate guardian, a formidable diamond dragon tasked with preventing any approach to Magdara's seal. With the future hanging in the balance, Jartan's path is not only a test of survival but a crucial battle to prevent the eternal reign of darkness orchestrated by Saboron and his demonic allies.


Excerpt from Wizardry: Part 1 © Copyright 2024 Scott Crabtree

The paladin reacts instantly. He is first to attack with a concentrated beam of energy from the soul blade. But the shadowlord is just as quick with a defensive shield that its weapon has generated which deflects the paladin’s attack, prompting Cristonn to try and defuse the situation without combat.

“Now just relax, demon,” he says with resolve but also with a definite hint of nervousness. “The boy meant no harm.”

“He spoke the name of the demon queen,” the shadowlord responds, its voice with an emotionless tone of chilling coldness.

But Cristonn cannot resist the opportunity for a well-timed insult and responds to the shadowlord’s statement with a mocking smile:

“So? I say ‘bitch’ all the time. How come I never see you?”

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