Children’s historical fiction or children's folklore. It combines elements of Ukrainian history, legends, and folklore to create an engaging and imaginative story for young readers.

Let's journey through the “Magical Tale of Kyiv's Founding” and discover Kyiv’s history, strength, and beauty. Join us in exploring the wonders of the Ukrainian capital, the baptism of Kyiv, its resistance to invaders, and the city's modern-day charm, all while experiencing this delightful children's book's fun and playful rhyme language.

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Excerpt from A Magical Tale of Kyiv’s Founding © Copyright 2023 Braiv Heroes

Once upon a time in a faraway land,
Lived three brothers, Kyi, Shchek, and Khoryv, oh so grand!
They wanted a place where people could live and play,
So they set out on a journey to find it one day.

They walked for days and nights on end,
Looking for the perfect place to spend.
They climbed high mountains, swam through streams,
And explored the forests of their wildest dreams.

Finally, they saw the perfect sight,
A place on the river with land so bright.
They knew it was where they'd build their town,
So they settled down and looked around.

They saw the land was rich and fine,
A place where they could build and shine.
So they rolled up their sleeves and got to work,
Building a city, a place with no quirk.

The brothers knew they needed some aid,
They called upon their sister, a sharp-eyed maid.
Lybid was wise and knew what to do,
She helped them gather people, a mighty crew.

They brought in tools, supplies, and more,
All the things they needed to build their store.
The people worked hard, day and night,
Building the city with all their might.

Lybid led the way with a heart so bold,
And soon the city began to unfold.
Houses and markets, and roads so neat,
The city of Kyiv, a wonder to meet.

In the 9th century, two brothers came to the land,
Cyril and Methodius, with a mission so grand.
They were sent by the emperor to spread the word,
Of Christianity and literacy to those who never heard.

The brothers knew that a new script was needed,
One that was easy and could be quickly heeded.
They created the Cyrillic alphabet with a Slavic twist,
And it soon became the script that would persist.

The Cyrillic alphabet was a game-changer so true,
And it helped to spread literacy throughout the land anew.
It became the script of the Eastern Slavic tongue,
And its impact on Kyiv's history cannot be undone.

Grand Prince Volodymyr, so wise and so great,
Sought Christianity to unite his state.
He searched and he studied with an open mind,
And soon a new faith he was ready to find.

In the year 988, on the banks of Dnipro,
Kyiv was baptized, and the prince was a hero.
The people rejoiced as the waters flowed,
And the pagan gods were soon overthrown.

The prince was baptized in the Christian way,
And soon he was leading his people to pray.
The churches were built, and the bells did chime,
As Christianity spread like a vine.

Kyiv became a Christian city with a church so bright,
And the people found comfort in their newfound light.
The baptism of Kyiv was a moment so grand,
A turning point in the history of the land.

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