The War Orphan Trilogy Book 1

K.M. Woods takes you on a dark journey through the eyes of a forsaken teenager who's founded by the mafia in New Orleans in the first book of the next iconic mafia tale.


A Life of Crime Begins With the First Hit.

Francis Benelli lives a mundane life as a rebellious teenager until the day Tommasso Giovanni, a made New Orleans Mafiosi, visits him. Giovanni brings heavy news that the people Francis lives with aren’t actually his parents and that his uncle is waiting for him back in the United States. Persuaded by the chance to meet his true family, Francis tears himself away from his adopters and leaves with Tomasso to New Orleans.

But upon arrival, Francis soon learns he’s been recruited, not adopted. He’s paired with a hot-headed mentor, Ronnie Bustamante who teaches him the daily grind of the business such as refilling cigarette machines and intimidating greedy business partners. But why must he learn this racket? Does their boss, Christopher Marchelli, view the boy as a soldier of endless loyalty, or a weapon to be disposed of after a murderous job is finished?

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