Akos's move to Africa with her pet chicken unfolds into a captivating children's story rich with family bonds and Ghanaian cultural adventures.

Akos was born overseas. She and her pet chicken named Fluffy moved to Africa with Akos’s parents for good. Akos and Fluffy together, had many adventures and sometimes got into some real strife.

This is a children’s story with an African flavor, set in a loving extended family, and full of adventure. It also introduces the reader to some interesting Ghanaian/African culture. Set your imagination free and come with Akos to Ghana.


Excerpt from Akos Moves Back to Africa © Copyright 2024 Dr Maleena Imbeah

A Birthday Present

“Sit still, Akos!” said Mom, as she finished braiding Akos’s thick black hair. Sitting cross-legged on the floor, Akos wriggled and squirmed while her mother did her hair. She wasn’t being naughty; she was just excited. It was a special day—Akos’s seventh birthday.

It was a Sunday, the same day as the day Akos was born. Akos, Mom, and Dad had gone to church, and then they had come home for a special birthday lunch—Akos’s favorite Ghanaian food, fried plantain and bean stew. There were cupcakes for dessert. Akos smiled as she licked the icing on her cupcake.

“It’s time for my present!” she announced, in between sugary mouthfuls.

“Present?” asked Mom.

“What present?” asked Dad.

Akos laughed, knowing they were joking. Dad got up from the table.

“I wonder what my present is,” thought Akos. She’d asked her mom and dad for so many things, but had they gotten her what she wanted? A game? A toy? A cell phone of her own? Dad came back with a cardboard box. It had a ribbon tied around it. He put the box down gently in front of Akos. “It’s definitely not a phone,” she thought to herself.

“Come on—open it,” said Mom, smiling.

Akos could hear something rustling inside. Curious, she undid the ribbon and opened the box. She could not believe her eyes.

Nestled in the corner of the box was a tiny, yellow, fluffy baby chick.

“Cheep, cheep,” the chick chirped softly.

“Wow!” exclaimed Akos, her eyes and mouth wide open with surprise.

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