Illustrated by Sebastian Carrillo

In this gripping sci-fi mystery, discovery is only the beginning…

On a remote international Moon base, scientists and researchers from across the globe co-exist in the name of exploration and advancement. When American theorist, Dr. Virgil Jivi, is summoned to take part in a top-secret project, he seems to have stepped right into the heart of a groundbreaking discovery that could redefine the limits of possibility.

His team has recovered a substance unlike anything man has seen before, and it falls to Virgil to develop an AI program, SIWA, to open the door to comprehension. But not everything is as harmonious as it seems on La Luna. Virgil soon finds that the base holds more ominous mysteries than this unknown substance. As the lines between new friends and potential threats blur, Virgil notices odd discrepancies about the substance’s discovery.

What really happened to the miners who found it? What does it mean for mankind? With enemies closing in and the future on the line, Virgil must rely on his instincts to forge a path forward and prevent unfathomable power from falling into the wrong hands.

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