Some may argue that Christianity and fantasy do not have much in common. But, authors keep writing Christian fantasy books, which get a lot of recognition and appreciation. How so? These books weave their stories with convictions from the Bible, making them fantastic reads. They have biblical allusions and are parallelisms intermediate to biblical truths and written stories. The improbable nature of their stories and settings preach the Gospel in a unique, fresh, and relatable way.

They are inspiring and that is why we have a list of some of the best you can enjoy.

Earth & Evermore, by John Consalvo

Earth & Evermore is a fusion of fantasy and adventure. It will awaken your desire to discover the unknowable with familiar life experiences, and have you thinking about how impactful your life really is. We commonly believe that souls have a future following death. But, how about the past before being born? One packed with mysteries, soulmates, and constituents that make someone truly alive.

Bethany, Jovan, and Queen Amana’s souls embark on such a journey in Gardenia. There, they will create bonds that are critical to their destinies. However, they are not aware about what the universe holds above their homely world; the despicable universe tyrant, Khrimson and his legions are focused on changing that. They will unleash a spiritual warfare that will impact all worlds massively. Unknowingly, the choices the souls make could impact their future and life universally.

The Screwtape Letters, by C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis is definitely a great author of Christian fantasy books, his works including the Narnia Chronicles are one of the best resources for young Christian readers.

This book helps one to reflect on their spiritual journey and Christian truths like the Trinitarian God, Grace, Christ, and generally how to live an empowered Christian life. It accurately illustrates how the devil lures humans.

The book is an account of letters penned down from Screwtape- the devil. He writes them to his nephew, Wormwood. Screwtape makes Wormwood understand what he is doing wrong as he tries to “turn the patient”- this is how Screwtape represents getting a Christian to turn away from the Enemy- God.

The point driven by this book is that Satan insidiously operates in human lives. His subtle actions and our inability to recognize his attacks are the reason for his success. That’s where the danger lies for those aware of and sensitive to spiritual issues.

Two Kingdoms, by DC Moore

In a dangerous land prevalent with injustice and plague, two kingdoms are at war. A cryptic map is brought forth in a wooden box that has a mysterious key. It holds a secret that will someday set three teenagers on different journeys. Each will explore a kingdom where everything is not what it seems, to mutually involve their lives in unimaginable ways.

Hugh is having a hard time leading a clandestine group that was led by his abducted father and he struggles with uncontrollable vengeance. Marie is convinced that she was abandoned by her family and when she returns from the castle far away, she encounters a danger she never pondered upon. Stephen struggles with doubt and feels inadequate but he wants to become a knight.

Their loyalties will be put to test but they must overcome personal challenges. Unexpected events will converge their lives and they will have to trust one another to fulfill assigned quests. Truthful moments and decisions could mean their survival or death.

Escape from Paradise, by D. Richard Ferguson

Prepare to be taken somewhere you have never been before and get ready for insights about God’s kingdom through this blend of biblical truths, God, and salvation.

When Adam is torn from his family, he finds himself in a world with wild animals, giants, and roaming mountain people. Incapable of tracing his way back home, he finds an attractive paradise. This paradise is a golden city and there, he will build a new life that is not threatened by the terrors of the outside world.

When this city starts to fall apart, an unpredictable encounter will change everything. He meets a young girl who claims to know the reason he was brought here and the way for him to go back to his family. He, however, must leave the doomed city and go with her to join the mountain people.

The Releasing, by VJ Dunn

This is a tale of good vs. evil with the right dosage of humor, heroic battles, and a romantic hint. A thousand years have gone by and Satan is about to be released into the world. Is Allie really prepared for this fight after a lifetime? She has spent the time she has had training the Remnant Warriors to get them ready for this moment. However, this has not gone according to her plan.

Her charges have been marked by unaware self-satisfaction and it’s difficult to remain focused. More to that, she is doubtful. Will her trained warriors be ready in time? She devastatingly needs help.

Along with her snarky character, she visits her Heavenly Father who informs her about the next plan. Allie didn’t see it coming and the plan will worsen everything. Is everyone doomed?

Kainnan The Prize, by Belinda Stott

Kainnan The Prize is a God story that weaves two worlds and combines mental health concepts with aspects of adventure and danger.

The Kainnan world has strong connections to earth. When strangers Noah, Alice, Katerina, and Caleb win a competition they never joined, they get on a lifetime adventure. They find themselves in this world. Returning home is not simple. They will have to work to stop the ruler’s rebellious children. They will face constant danger and they will need to triumph over their individual earthly demons.

Kainnan is full of things that will test them to their limits. There are deadly drinks, bombs, assassins, mutiny-filled priests, supernatural rings, and a hidden treasure. Amid all this, going back to earth is not an option. It is not in any way safer.

Final Thoughts

Every story on our list is ideal to pull your world into Christian fantasy books. As you read along, you will be better equipped to overcome challenges, with an improved faith and uplifted spirit. If you are looking for more fantasy books, try our epic fantasy book collection.