Although they are fictional, unicorns are one of the most fascinating creatures you will see or read about. They are beautiful, rare, and according to some well-known books like the Harry Potter series, they are the purest beings in the world.

Even as we grow old, some of us will never get over our fascination toward unicorns. If you are looking for the best unicorn books out there, then you came to the right place. In this article, you will find a comprehensive list of these books that you will surely enjoy.

The Illustrated Bestiary of Unicorns and Their Kin, by D.J. Ramsay

Perfect for all ages, this unicorn book will help you understand these amazing creatures more and not see them as a single kind.

As artist and author Sephren Jollifeet unexpectedly encounters a unicorn, he ventures into their world and studies them in a way that he can educate the future generations about their kin. Get ready to face the unbelievable illustrations and mind-boggling knowledge you will face, because this book will take you on a whole new adventure!

Here There Be Unicorns, by Jane Yolen

If you are into poems and short stories, this book is the most effective way for you to understand unicorns better. Filled with amazing ideas about unicorns and their lore, you will get to experience a whole new journey into the lives of these beautiful beings. Written within both modern and medieval settings, read on and understand about the fabled creatures’ powers and purity inside this collection of fascinating short works.

Nathaniel Fludd, Beastologist: The Unicorn’s Tale, by R.L. LaFevers

If you want a bit of a mild mystery, this book is perfect for you. You might think that it is a story for children, but you will be surprised by the amazing twists that are waiting for you.

Nathaniel Fludd, the youngest beastologist in history, is struggling to take care of a unicorn as he embarks on a quest to find his missing parents. With each day that passes, he remembers his duties as a beastologist, and he takes care of his friend unicorn with the constant encouragement of his Aunt Phil. Buckle up and join them in this fun and crazy adventure as Nathaniel tends to the creatures of this world and keeps them safe from an evil force.

A Glory of Unicorns, by Bruce Coville

In this book, the award-winning author Bruce Coville compiled the best works of fantasy writers around the world to introduce the importance of magic to his readers. Get ready for these amazing stories, because each one of them will take you on a new adventure every time.

Into the Land of the Unicorns, by Bruce Coville

If you want more of Bruce Covilles’ fantastic works, this book is perfect for you. It is suitable for all ages, and rest assured that you will enjoy it any time of the day.

Running away from an unknown person, Cara and her grandmother went into St. Christopher’s Church in a desperate attempt to escape. As she clutched her grandmother’s amulet, Cara suddenly gets transported to Luster (the Land of Unicorns). She embarks on her newfound journey, travelling onto the beautiful world to deliver the message of her grandmother to the elder unicorn.

The Natural History of Unicorns, by Chris Lavers

If you are kind of unconvinced that unicorns are fictional, well, you have the same beliefs with the author of this book. Although they are branded as mythological creatures, Chris Lavers actually did extensive research to find the roots of this fascinating animal and link it to the creatures of the modern world.

By reading this book, you will get to discover mind-blowing facts and details that will make you think twice if unicorns are actually real. Aside from those, the author also introduced people, such as scientists and historians, who stand in their belief that unicorns are possibly real. Could the things in this book be actually real? Read on and see for yourself.

Ariel, by Steven R. Boyett

Ever since the Change, magical creatures came around and roamed all of the towns, cities, and other places on Earth. As Pete Garey does his best to survive the apocalyptic wasteland, he stumbles upon an injured unicorn and nursed it back to health. He then named her Ariel, and they accompanied each other as they did their best to survive.

However, as a necromancer worsens the situation in the Changed world, Ariel’s safety is becoming less secure every day. How will Pete and Ariel fight their enemy and his forces? Read on and enjoy this amazing adventure of a boy and his newfound unicorn friend.

Immortal Unicorn, by Peter S. Beagle

Inside this anthology, you will see multiple works from noted authors that focus on the beauty and majesty of unicorns. Peter S. Beagle invited all the known writers that specialize in the creation of stories about these mesmerizing creatures, and he compiled all of their works to create this fantastic book that will take you on exciting and heart-melting adventures.

Zombies Vs Unicorns, by Holly Black

If you are a fan of fictitious writings, you know that this is the age-old question that always comes to mind: which are better, zombies or unicorns? Inside this book, you will get to read amazing stories and other written works about these two creatures, and you will be able to answer that question yourself. With published works contributed by famous teen authors, buckle up and ready yourself for the stories and adventures you will face as you read on.

As children, most of us enjoy the short stories and rainbow-glittery fun that unicorns bring into our lives. However, some people take these stories more seriously as they grow old, and they read more books about unicorns to satisfy their need for whimsical adventures. If you are running out of unicorn-related books and you are planning to buy more of them, this list can definitely help you out.

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