The Blue Diamonds Book One

The Archmage of Somerlund is dead, killed in his laboratory one day before an important declaration. He discovered the whereabouts of Ambrosia’s Blue Diamonds, artifacts that were all but forgotten over time. The enchanted gems each contain the trapped soul of a dragon, granting whoever has them the power to summon one of the fantastic beasts at will.

Recognizing the urgency of the matter, Shomnath, the Prince of Somerlund, defied his father’s dismissal of the issue and raised his own investigation of the Archmage’s murder. And so it was that Prince Shomnath unknowingly began the defining saga of his life when he gathered a small group of friends, and an old healer, to take on the quest for Ambrosia’s diamonds.

What starts as a thirst for adventure and renown quickly becomes an epic journey, taking the friends past their known borders, across oceans, and even to worlds unseen.

A personal message from the author:

If you’re ready for a new fantasy series with a lot of action try my books out! I write in the epic, quest-driven adventure style that I miss from my childhood, focusing on the heroes journey. Joining the hunt for the Blue Diamonds is also joining the hunt for dragons!

— R.E. Murphy

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