A personal message from the author:

I am a single mum with 4 year old twins and in lockdown I just wanted my children to learn new things, so I wrote 5 children's books, 2 are on Amazon already (Cheetah and Sloth and Rufus Finds More Time) the third one will come out within the next 2-3 weeks and the rest is being illustrated now. It's been a great fun and I really enjoyd it and my biggest AHA moment was when my children started picking up litter from the ground telling me that people should not throw their dirt away… that's what little Rufus and his friends do… and much more… it's a great way to teach my children they love it and hopefully other parents and children will love the books too 🙂

— Astrid Schmitt-Bylandt

Cheetah was fast, a ball of energy and with great wisdom. Sloth was, well like Sloths are, a bit slow and sleepy, a bit forgetful and sometimes cheeky.

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