A personal message from the author:

Dark Matter–Terion is the sort of futuristic novel I always wanted to read, but could never find. So, I created it myself. Hard science fiction with a sense of reality about a utopian and just world where, for once, the universe doesn’t circle around humanity.

— Alex A. Janek

Incredible accidents shake the peaceful, space-faring society of Terion, one of them almost destroying Karuq's freighter, but how is his cargo involved? Karuq struggles to re-evaluate his life in the face of tragedy, and when his pack is endangered, will he follow his heart or his brain?

Meanwhile, Reece, an investigator in a human research facility, is about to stumble upon a secret that will change his view of humanity and the universe forever.

An ancient rivalry, alien planets, and new friends all shape this galaxy-spanning action adventure.

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