A Modern Day Tragedy in the Depths of Addiction and Family Dark Secrets

A personal message from the author:

I wrote the book to heal and hopefully help others. We all have trauma, ancestral wounds, the only way to heal them is to be honest. Someone’s life may look perfect on the outside, but their is no perfect. We are all on a journey of self-discovery this often plays out in our most intimate relationships.

— M. Ophelia

Faith Nathaniel, a mom in her early thirties, is living the picture-perfect life. Trey, her husband, is tall, dark, handsome, and in-line to take over his family’s multimillion-dollar business, a privately-owned drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, St. Mary’s. Faith matches all the expected images-she volunteers at her children’s private school works with charities, and co-hosts Gala’s across Fairbanks. Initially, she is unfailingly supportive of her husband and of her family’s success. She is happy to write Trey’s papers for his master’s degree. She loves taking care of his very ill stepfather during the day. She delights in telling his mother how beautiful she is every waking minute.

One night in October, Faith’s perfect picture is shattered forever. She intercepts a suspicious text message on Trey’s phone. She confronts him. He refuses to reveal his mistress’s identity. Faith is anguished and kicks him out. Trey moves in with his mother. The following day, Trey and his mother began to viciously attack a heartbroken, unsuspecting, naïve Faith. Faith is left bewildered and with a lot of unanswered questions. As time passes, Faith keeps hoping things will get better, but as family secrets are uncovered, her situation progressively worsens.

Eventually, Trey turns to opioids, loses his job, and as a last attempt to save his marriage, he confesses his mother’s plot to remove Faith from the family, using Helga, a middle-aged, married employee and mother of five as the temptress.

Faith, in despair, tries to find herself; she turns to prayer, God, and a lover named Brad.

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