A Pilgrimage into Danger – The first Camino Thriller

“Walkin’ the Camino’s the “in” thing,’ he smirked. ‘The latest tral la la.’
Her glare could have ignited gasoline.
‘Mr. Brady. I am not walking the Camino because it’s my latest tral la la!’
Tears shot to her eyes.

An exceptionally hot May on the Camino, the Pilgrim Way of Saint James, Jane Downer is walking alone on a mission driven by guilt. She briefly encounters Dan Brady, a cynical, rough-mannered journalist, walking the Camino against his will. They take a mutual dislike to each other and part ways. A horrific discovery throws them reluctantly together and they become the prey in danger along the Camino.
Jane feels she has no choice but to complete her mission. Dan struggles with a dilemma; should he remain to protect Jane or leave to save himself?


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