A personal message from the author:

Dear Reader,

With these 60 poems I invite you to a part of my world and into my inner thoughts. The tales of my world while trying to feel, understand and survive.

Among the most important chapters of my life are the feelings of love, the feelings of faith, and the feelings of existence. These are the basis and the chapters of this book that I want to share with you. After reading the poems, I hope that you can experience, feel, and create new thoughts in your own world to enrich your existence and stimulate what makes you human.

So please read about my feelings and thoughts given new life in the world of words.”

— Shawn Akrawi

This is a collection of 60 poems divided into three chapters. The chapters Of Love, Of Beliefs and Of Existence will move readers with feelings as they play an infinite role in this collection of poems.
The poems reveal a very deep insight into the call of humanity for the breeding of the feeling of our existence in life.

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