Preparing for open heart surgery

Are you or someone you know having open heart surgery?

A personal message to the author:

I wrote Getting Cracked as an informative and humorous guide to the often scary world of open heart surgery. As someone who works in the operating room, finding out that I needed heart surgery at forty-four came as quite a shock. This book will take you through everything from planning, explaining the process and surgery, and what to expect when you get home. This is my personal journey throughout the procedure, hoping surgical candidates and their families alike can find peace in a tumultuous time of their lives. And an added bonus, you can laugh at my expense throughout.

— Jon Frazier

Getting Cracked is a humorous and informative story about preparing for an open heart surgical procedure. While many people have questions about how to prepare for open heart surgery, very few surgeons have had the surgery themselves to explain what really happens to a patient's body during and after surgery. This story is told through the author's eyes. The author not only works in surgery administering anesthesia for a living, but actually had an open heart surgery himself. This book walks patients and families through preparation, the surgical procedure, and what to expect when you get home from the hospital.

The author describes in laymen terms the details of what will happen to the patient's body in an easy-to-read format and funny tone. If you are looking for a book to help you understand how to prepare for surgery, the surgical process itself, or just find a way to feel more comfortable with the ordeal a family member is embarking upon, this book is for you.


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