The Ultimate Guide for Determining Your Capabilities of Becoming a Professional Pilot and Getting Started with Flight Training

The Pilot Career series Book 1

A personal message from the author:
“Many people have dreamed about learning to fly and becoming a pilot. The prevailing thought always seems to be that it is out of reach of most people by being too expensive and difficult to accomplish.
I wanted to write this book to help many aspiring pilots realize that becoming a pilot is actually not that difficult. I believe just about anyone could begin their journey to becoming a commercial aircraft pilot if they really wanted to. Also, while flight training is expensive, you might be surprised how many ways there are to finance your training.

Right now is an excellent time to get started with a pilot's career. And I will tell you why. There is a global shortage of pilots, which is predicted to last for at least the next two decades. If you start now, you could be working as a commercial pilot within a year. It only takes around six to twelve months to get a commercial pilot license. That means a pilot career might still be a good option for people in their 30s or 40s.

Of course, it's better to get started at an early age if you can. You can get a student pilot certificate at the age of 16, a private pilot certificate at the age of 17, and start flying as a commercial pilot when you are only 18 years old! Any parents reading this may want to keep that in mind for their children.

I have been involved in aviation for over twenty years, and I have a lot of experience flying for a living. In this book I try to cover all the positive and negative sides of a pilot's career, so you can make a well-informed decision whether it's a good career choice for you. If, after reading about the negative sides of pilot life, you still want to become a pilot, I will tell you how to get started.”
— Vesa Turpeinen

You Can Become a Pilot! Learning to Fly is Easier than You Think!
  • Have you always dreamed of becoming a pilot?
  • Are you wondering if now is a good time to become a pilot?
  • Do you want to get started with flight training, but need help choosing a school?

All your questions will be answered in this book! This book may be the most important book you will ever read if you want to become a professional pilot…

But first a warning, this is not a book about “learning to fly” in a literal sense. You won't learn how aerodynamics work or how to control an aircraft in flight – that's something you will learn once you start your flight training. Instead, this book contains information that flight schools won’t teach you. The information you NEED to know before you should commit to flight training!

The knowledge you gain from this book is essential for you to have a successful and enjoyable career as a commercial or airline pilot! The main focus of the book is on FAA and EASA flight training in the U.S., but most of the principles apply regardless of your nationality.

Whether you want to earn your private pilot certificate, become a corporate pilot, or become a captain in a major airline – this book is for you. And one note to the ladies – it is now the golden age for female pilots!

Did you know you could become a commercial pilot, or even a flight instructor, at the age of 18 with less than 12 months of training? Right now is an excellent time to become a pilot because there is a global pilot shortage that is expected to last for the next two decades or longer. Boeing estimates that there will be a worldwide demand for 790,000 pilots between 2018 and 2037. That’s a lot of pilots! How do I know the pilot shortage is not just a myth?

Currently, most airlines in China are hiring airline captains from foreign countries because there are not enough Chinese pilots. And what’s the pay like? Boeing 737 or Airbus 320 captains can earn an annual salary up to $380,000! That’s over 30k per month! …and, wait for it—it’s all tax-free (in China)! Yes, it will be a long road to become an airline captain earning a good salary. But guess what? Reading this book will help you decide if you want to pursue the career.

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