The Prescott Legacy Spinoff Book 1

How will a martial art student survive in a haunted house?

For years, the youth of Russelfield, Alabama, have shared a spine-chilling urban legend about Branford Manor – a haunted house where those who enter are doomed to either vanish or perish within a certain amount of days.

Melissa Weller, a taekwondo student on a journey, is about to uncover the truth about the manor. However, little does she know that a terrifying curse awaits her, unlike anything she has ever experienced before. Despite the overwhelming odds against her, Melissa is determined to break the curse that has claimed numerous lives before hers.

Will Melissa emerge victorious over the malicious force, or will she succumb to its deadly grasp, lost forever in the infamous cycle of tragedy and horror?

Prepare yourself for a ghostly tale that will send shivers down your spine, featuring a one-of-a-kind fusion of The Karate Kid and American Horror Story.

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