Illustrator: Mark Beech
Designer: Mandy Norman

A personal message from author:

My Dad, the Earth Warrior is heart-warming tale of a boy and his dad who reconnect their distant relationship and set out together on a mission to save Mother Earth. It is a story of personal growth, environment and discovering the warrior spirit that lies in all of us – written with humour sure to make children laugh out loud.

— Gary Haq

Hero is an ordinary boy who wants nothing more than to have a normal dad. But Dad is only interested in reading his books and filling his head with useless facts. Then one day Dad has a freak accident and wakes up claiming to be an Earth Warrior sent to protect the land from a  ruthless energy tycoon. Hero is forced to go along with Dad's new personality. But when Gran mysteriously disappears, Hero and Dad embark on a dangerous adventure. Can Hero save Gran and get his old dad back before it's too late.

A funny, heartfelt, quirky middle-grade adventure that will appeal to fans of Frank Contrell-Boyce, Phil Earle and David Walliams.

My Dad, the Earth Warrior was shortlisted for The Times/Chicken House Children's Fiction Competition 2019, a Gold Medal Winner in The Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards 2018 judged by 8 UK schools and was Reading Zone's School Zone’s Book of the Month 2018.


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