Women Inspiring Women In 2020 And Beyond

How the project began?

During the month of March 2020, when the world was headed towards its first-ever quarantine lockdown in which only essential businesses remained open, the world decided to hop on the Internet and find new ways of making money. The COVID-19 numbers drove anxiety into me and I had to do something to keep busy. I sought to obtain the stories from women about their personal witnessing of the pandemic.

After just a few stories, I realized I was able to request women from nearly every country on Earth. By connecting so many women, I seized an opportunity and in order to understand what womens' lives were like around the world. I wanted to know about her life, how her family and government treated her, her dreams, goals, successes, failures, and any advice she may have for others.

— Matthew Gates

The My Life As A Woman Project Initiative travels around the globe to explore the resilience, strength, and true power of women throughout the world. Having every woman's voice heard or read in some way is important because it is women who continue to remind us of our humanity, to love our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, and ourselves.

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