A teen paranormal romance series (The Celestial Series Book 1)

Lili Araica is a teenage girl who has never fit in. She has always been odd; having the ability to talk to the dead, see the future, and manipulate Earth’s energy. On her fifteenth birthday, Lili learns the truth of her lineage; she’s a Celestial sent to Earth to combat evil. Her path takes her to Cognosco, the Celestial training school, where she befriends Nora, her sassy roommate, and Easton—a dark Celestial she can’t seem to ignore.
Lili discovers a destiny she can’t escape full of danger, adventure and a love that could ultimately destroy her.

A personal message from the author:

This book is meant to be a fun, binge worthy novel that readers can’t put down. There's adventure, romance, and humor to hopefully help everyone forget about quarantine.

— Lisa Champagne


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