John Jordan Mysteries Book 27

A note from the author:

The book was inspired by an actual true crime case.

— Michael Lister

Someone close to legendary detective John Jordan is murdered, and now he is . . . Out for blood!

Lister’s sterling new novel featuring empathic chaplain-turned–sheriff’s investigator John Jordan finds Jordan nearing a turning point in his storied career.

His longtime boss and close friend, sheriff Reggie Summers has lost a reelection bid and has just weeks to go in her tenure—and Jordan’s not a fan of her successor. Meanwhile, he’s thrust into a high-profile case.

While investigating the brutal attack of two teenage girls, Ava Branch and Olivia Colvin, John Jordan uncovers the shocking secrets someone is willing to kill for, but he never suspects the killer's next victim will be someone he cares about so much.

Can John solve not one but two baffling murders and protect those he loves?

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