Reflections And Writings of A Psychiatrist

A personal note from the author:

People are always interested in the issues that I deal with everyday.

In this book I have covered a wide variety of subjects such as ethical dilemmas that psychiatrists can face, anxiety, panic, depression, suicidal thoughts, sexuality, post traumatic stress, the Coronavirus pandemic and fatal denial among anti-vaxxers and non maskers. I discuss my interactions with two U.S Presidents and my personal experience in New York during 911.

I also tell how I handled my then 4 year old son being given two toy silver pistols for his cowboy theme birthday when we never allowed our kids to have toy guns. There is also the story about my walk across the Golden Gate Bridge with my granddaughter who was just learning to read and wanted to know why there were periodically so many “Suicide Prevention Hotline telephones”

–Michael Blumenfield M.D.

Dr. Blumenfield covers a wide variety of subjects: such as ethical dilemmas psychiatrists can face, dealing with anxiety, panic, depression, suicidal thoughts, sexuality, Corona Virus epidemic, PTSD, and his interactions with two U.S. Presidents, plus many other psychological issues.

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