I’ve been secretly in love with my best friend’s older brother for 10 years… It won’t stay hidden for long.

It’s been 3 years since he left our small town for Navy SEAL training.

And I’ve grown up since then… a lot.

I’ve had a major glow-up from ‘chubby’ into ‘curvy’.

I saw the way he gazed longingly at my body as I casually walked by him in the canned food aisle, not knowing it was me.

He’s just as hot as ever though.

Even more so now with his rock-hard abs in tip-top shape for the demands of being a SEAL.

When he found out it was me, his little sister’s best friend, his jaw dropped.

I can feel electric heat between when his eyes connect with mine.

The moment our lips finally meet I know he wants to claim me forever.

This is so off-limits though. My best friend would kill me and him…

We keep it hidden and sneak around. He tells me he’s good at keeping secrets.

Little did I know that he’s hiding another secret – one from his past that could destroy our love and change our lives forever.

Maybe the truth will be what sets us free…

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