Are you struggling to choose the best activity book for your kid? Well, your struggle will now end with our following top 5 books:

New York (My Globetrotter Book) by Marisha Wojciechowska

Ideal for children 6-12 years

Get ready to take your kid on the tour of New York! Find your path via a maze in the Central Park, decipher the Manhattan areas, solve a financial puzzle, and create an ad for Times Square. These are the best selling points of this book. Great activity book for small travellers.

This book by Marisha Wojciechowska is a great resource for families with kids who are planning a holiday or an educational visit to one of the six famous cities namely, Quebec, Montreal, Tokyo, Bangkok, Paris, and New York. It is filled with age-suitable details about the city, which are shared via fun activities such as games and puzzles.

Easter Activity Book for Kids by Blue Wave Press

Ideal for children 6-12 years

Thinking of an exciting gift for your growing child for next Easter? Consider this Easter activity book from Blue Wave Press. It will really thrill your child. This is because high-quality, big, and pure white pages are full of diverse activities that are only fun-filled.

Celebrate the divine holiday by finding a way through mazes, playing sudoku, connecting dot puzzles to know what is the image all about, coloring by number, drawing things and creatures, searching for words, and more. Most of them are educational and themed activities including flowers, baskets, and bunnies.

Kate the Chemist: The Big Book of Experiments

Ideal for children 8-12 years

Do you see a scientist in your kid? If yes, then this is the activity book to buy. It comes with 25 far-fetched science experiments that the little ones can do at home. Through the bright full-color photographs, this book shows kids that it is fun to be a scientist. There are step-by-step instructions, a rating for the mess factor, and a list of ingredients for each experiment.

The Complete Kids Play Book With 360 Games and Exercises by G.R. Junior

Ideal for children 4-12 years

Consider this book if you are looking for some different varieties of activities for building a more profound connection with your kids. If you are confused as to which activity book should you start with, you can consider starting with this one.

The main feature of this book is its diverse set of games associated with different topics. There are games and activities for the growth of your child, holidays, occasions, birthday parties, and enjoyment without any props. There are activities to enjoy during the snow and beat the heat. Special activities are there to play during the teen years. The best part of this book is that it is split into sections as per the age group.

Brain Candy!: A Challenging and Fun Maze Book for Kids by Rockridge Press

Ideal for children 6-9 years

If making your way via mazes is challenging, it is beneficial for building confidence and patience for solving any problem. This book comes with 75 such imaginative challenges that increase in difficulty as the kid proceeds.

Unlike other maze books, this full-color maze book comes with smart themes and great graphics. This not only attracts the eyes but trains the mind too for motor skills.