There is a question that rises up in lot of people:

“How can create a great impact (in my work, in a product, in my life)?”

First let me show you some examples what have radical changes in our life in the past:

  1. Phone (Bell 1876) changed the way we communicate with each other, even when we are not next to each other
  2. Float glass (Pilkington 1952) made possible to build huge glass covered buildings, the manufacturing process prepared glass panes on molten tin in extremely cheap prices
  3. Light bulbs (Davy, Swan and Edison ~1878) improved the awake hours of humanity
  4. Antibiotic (Selman Waksman 1942) first ever agent, that  inhibits bacterial growth or kills it
  5. Quantum physics (Planck) a completely new way of understanding small particles and their behavior

There is only one common in the above stories: they not only modified something but changed the rules we live.

We can improve a product's quality, look, we can produce it faster, but the great potential is when we look at the core problem and step out of the box. If you next time face with a problem you would like to solve, do not forget to change the rules.

Even in the animated movie The Croods, the cavemen must leave his rules behind and invented the fire, footwear, and a lot of useful things in order survive.

Small children are great inventors, they did not experienced so many barriers, and they could dream really big things. See the following story where 9 year old Caine elaborate a DIY cardboard arcade.