The Architecture Kid, World Traveler & Mystery Unraveler Book 1

The youngest architect on earth, nine-year-old Albert B. Squid's project is being sabotaged by what the locals think is the Trout Lake Monster and Albert needs to get to the bottom of it to save the build.

When Albert B. Squid and his father Atticus take on the job to design a house on Big Trout Lake in Canada, they might have bitten off more than they could chew.

Things start to go terribly wrong for the architecture duo when tools and materials go missing, and design drawings are tampered with. The locals are sure it's the infamous Big Trout Lake Monster that's up to the dirty deeds; however, Albert becomes skeptical.

With his trusty dog, Baji, at his side, Albert decides to use his skills of deductive reasoning to unravel the mystery surrounding the so-called Big Trout Lake Monster from thwarting the house project.

This mystery series follows the youngest architect in the world, nine-year-old Albert B. Squid, his dog Baji, and his father Atticus B. Squid as they travel the world designing houses for the rich and famous. But things don’t always go as planned, as there is always someone or something trying to thwart the build.

Young Albert, who is not only a brilliant architect, but also a master at deductive reasoning, takes it upon himself to uncover who or WHAT is behind the events that are stopping them from getting the job done.

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