Mind Bending Journeys Book 1

An ancient energy.
An ancient enemy.
A young hero on the cusp of inheriting the greatest power in the universe…

Cosmic energy flows across the universe. An emerald light offering the means to alter reality. And only a select few are able to wield it.

The Other, dwells in a hidden city. He believes his kingdom to be the entire world. And he will destroy anyone who dares to challenge his dominion.

David ‘Dave’ Jones is a lonely young man with a tragic past. His dreams are vivid, frustratingly cryptic, and frighteningly realistic. And lately, they’re about an elusive rainbow door in space.

The question that burdens him is simple: What lurks on the other side of the door?

A strange and alien city isolated from the rest of the world. A cataclysmic battle between two god-like beings. The fate of the Earth hangs in the balance…


Excerpt from The World Creator © Copyright 2023 Lance Veilwich

A rainbow of color explodes across the heavens, a rainbow with every color except one, green. A wave of colors, immeasurable in their trails, moves through the universe, turning every heavenly body into a magnificent kaleidoscope of cascading shades of amber, lilac, rouge, cobalt, and sepia. As David Jones gazes at the spectacular marvel that is unfolding before him, he wonders about the absence of Green. There is no shade or blend of any version of Green. Sitting upon a large rock, floating in space, he is unaffected by the cold vacuum.

“There’s no Green,” he says, and then claps a hand over his mouth, stunned that he is able to speak in space. “I must be dreaming,” he comments and chuckles quietly.

He takes a deep breath and looks around, squinting his eyes in search of some trace of Green. That Green is missing must surely mean something? he wonders to himself. A flash of neon emerald draws his attention, and he smiles as he finds what he’s looking

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