A 30 things guide for the growth mindset girl

If stepping into this new decade of life looks different than you had imagined…Saying sayonara to your twenties is bittersweet. It could leave you questioning what your thirties are supposed to look like and if other people in this adult world know something, you’ve yet to figure the answer to.

This thirty things guide is a list of what I wish I had known from a growth mindset perspective. If you’ve ever questioned whether you are leading your “right” path in life and are ready to ask the deeper questions to self-fulfillment, this book is for you.

Searching for a deeper meaning of who you are and who you will be… it’s the first brave step to becoming just that. Who you are meant to be.

Thriving into Thirty has not only been a passion project for Amber, it has been a personal reveal of her own life lessons, failures, and triumphs thus far.

As a female entrepreneur, coach, and creative, Amber hopes to bring to light some vulnerable, compelling, and thought-provoking questions. In her Thriving into Thirty read, you will quickly get to know more of her personal journey, the knowledge she’s acquired along the way and the importance of a growth mindset perspective for entering the next phase of your life. No matter your age, these thirty things could lead you thriving into your next level of self-discovery.

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