The Delta Blade Chronicles Book 1

A personal message from the author:

Are you ready to embark on an epic adventure through Allterra? Filled with high stakes battles, whimsical characters, friendship, jealousy, and love? Join me on this new adventure and follow along as we build and explore upon this world together.

–Brandon Schultz 

Allterra has been shaken by a mysterious darkness threatening to wipe humanity from existence. The Creators use its inhabitants for their own amusement, giving life and taking it in structured cycles to shape how they see fit, but something has broken.

Kaiden awakens to find himself in a world of chaos, unable to remember who he is or the world around him. With the help of some newly found allies, he must discover the secrets of the past and how he must use it to alter the future, for he may be humanity's only chance of survival.

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