Book Marketing Tips in 2020 for Self-publishers

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Quick marketing guide

We collected all the working marketing tips for those who want to make an impact with their books. Our list consists of small steps (they are not time-consuming but effective), and bigger steps which are effective in long term. If you interested in more details, check out our new book.

Small steps

  • Register on Amazon Advertising Platform and spend $5-20 to market your book (Sponsored Products with Manual Targeting keywords) - This form of marketing is useful if you have 5+ reviews on Amazon
  • List your book on several book catalogs (Goodreads -- automatic for Kindle books, LibraryThing, Bookbub, Listal)
  • Research and list your book on the relevant Listopia lists (Goodreads)
  • Create an engaging social post design, because quality matters or find some professional design on stock sites (Shutterstock)
  • Create a short animation about your story (Find video creator on Fiverr) post it on Youtube and TikTok (for younger audience)
  • Share your book on social media on as many pages as you can (Instagram is the best platform, Facebook and Twitter is 2nd tier for books use the proper hashtags)
  • Request honest book reviews, from credible Influencers
  • List your book on Netgalley to get the first reviews (see above in "Our Partner's Services" section)
  • Put a kind message at the end of your book where you ask feedback about your book include a direct link to review your book on Amazon (this way you could double your future review count)

Bigger steps

  • Redesign your book cover. I understand it sounds rude, but based on our experience 2 out of 5 books fail just because of the non-professional cover design. (Find good book cover designers on Fiverr, research ideas and quality background for your cover on Shutterstock)
  • Create a brochure site for your book and link your Amazon links (both Kindle and paperback) to the new website
    • WordPress site (register a domain at Godaddy or Namecheap, have a hosting partner like Hostpapa, buy a wordpress theme on Themeforest or Elegant Themes and register at AWeber to have an email marketing engine)
    • Wix website
    • Duda mobile-focused website (register a domain at Godaddy and start building a mobile site on
    • Content and images, use as many visual contents as you can like background, textures. Quality is the most important in case of brochure sites (find quality images on Shutterstock)
  • Publish a Press Release (It is better to do with professional partner, we have very good experiences with PRWeb)
  • Create an author Instagram page (sounds easy, but you have to ask your friends to follow it and you have to keep posting) (Find Instagram managers on Fiverr)
  • Write/answer questions on Quora in topic which is connected to your book (in credentials and your profile page put out your book's title and the Amazon links)

(Updated: 06.15.2020)