Book Marketing Tips in 2020 for Self-publishers

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Quick guide

We collected all the working marketing tips for those who want to make an impact with their books. Our list consists of small steps (they are not time-consuming but effective), and bigger steps which are effective in long term. If you interested in more details, check out our new book.

Small steps

  • Register on Amazon Advertising Platform and spend $5-20 to market your book (Sponsored Products with Manual Targeting keywords)
  • List your book on several book catalogs (Goodreads -- automatic for Kindle books, LibraryThing, Bookbub -- only for Kindle books, Riffle, Listal, Booklikes)
  • Research and list your book on the relevant Listopia lists (Goodreads)
  • Create an engaging social post design, because quality matters or find some professional design on stock sites (Shutterstock)
  • Create a short animation about your story (Find video creator on Fiverr)
  • Share your book on social media on as many pages as you can (Instagram is the best platform, Facebook and Twitter is 2nd tier for books use the proper hashtags)
  • Request honest book reviews, from credible sources (like Melanie Parker)

Bigger steps

  • Redesign your book cover (I understand it sounds rude, but based on our experience 2 out of 5 books fail just because of the non-professional cover design) (Find good book cover designers on Fiverr, research ideas and quality background for your cover on Shutterstock)
  • Create a brochure site for your book and link your Amazon links (both Kindle and paperback) to the new website
    • WordPress site (register a domain at Godaddy or Namecheap, have a hosting partner like Hostpapa, buy a wordpress theme on Themeforest or Elegant Themes and register at AWeber to have an email marketing engine)
    • Duda mobile-focused website (register a domain at Godaddy and start building a mobile site on
    • Content and images, use as many visual contents as you can like background, textures. Quality is the most important in case of brochure sites (find quality images on Shutterstock)
  • Publish a Press Release (It is better to do with professional partner, we have very good experiences with PRWeb)
  • Create an author Instagram page (sounds easy, but you have to ask your friends to follow it and you have to keep posting) (Find Instagram managers on Fiverr)
  • Write/answer questions on Quora in topic which is connected to your book (in credentials and your profile page put out your book's title and the Amazon links)

(Updated: 09.11.2019)

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