Secrets From A Caterer's Kitchen

Girl you put your foot in that! is a celebration of the African American kitchen from a caterer's point of view, With over 100 recipes and tips to help even the most inexperienced cook, get you in and out of the kitchen fast. This cookbook shows how to create sensational dishes that will delight everyone.

Some of the recipes featured in this fantastic cookbook are “Ba da boom” collard greens, “Tastes like some more” Baked macaroni and cheese and “You done lost your mind” BBQ ribs. This book will make you laugh out loud while learning how to put you foot in it too.

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Excerpt from Girl You Put Your Foot In That! © Copyright 2022 Tracey Carter


Presentation is Everything

Think about the last outing at your favorite upscale restaurant.

What made it so special? Was it the lighting, the fancy table linen, the unique china on which it was served? Perhaps it was the background music.

Guess what? It was a little bit of all of those things. That is part of the enjoyment when eating out. So why can’t we recreate that same feeling at home for less than half the price. Why not try and make our home dining experience just as wonderful as going out to a nice restaurant.

So where do we start? First commit to eating on real plates and using real silverware. Most of us have dishwashers and we can just put these items in the dishwasher. Have we become so lazy in the kitchen that we can not even rinse a dish? Where do you think all those non-biodegradable plastic plates and cups go? Everyone wants to talk about climate change, yet we will not change our dining habits to help.

So break out Big Mama’s fine china, silverware and fancy crystal goblets from their china cabinet prison. That you inherited and never use and celebrate! And you don’t even have to tip. Dim the lights because everything looks good in candlelight – even you.

Use some candles and use some fancy linen. We need to live each day as if it were our last. When you leave her your children will get all those dishes and they wont use them either. They will most likely deliver them to a thrift store. Now there is one more benefit to dimming the lights. Your friends and family will not be able to see the dust and cobwebs.

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