A World of Monsters . . .

Epic Adventure in a dangerous world caught up in a cosmic battle of Good vs Evil.

Bored Ronald Thorn longed for some adventure, and so joined his outgoing friend David Corey on a vacation camping trip.

But he never expected to hike his way into a strange world with a twilight sky and a pale white sun. Here, strange savage beasts made fortified cities the only safe refuge.

In all this, the last thing he expected was to meet a beautiful but endangered princess. Unfortunately for him, Ron unwittingly returned to Earth and now must somehow find his way back to that perilous world to rescue her, the princess he loved….

Action, Adventure, Mystery, Humor and True Love, The Hiders in Darkness will keep you excitedly turning pages. A sequel is in the works.

A personal message from the author:

I have always enjoyed great adventures in imaginary places. The time came to write one of my own, and through it take you the reader to a perilous world with a great story line, well defined personalities, vivid battle descriptions, humor, and romance. Mystery abounds in this other world as well as the danger it holds. Evil raises its head, and the heroes must meet the challenge or else the world is lost forever!

— Paul Kocourek

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